I'm a graduate student in Dr. Adam Frank's group at the University of Rochester, working in computational astrophysics. We use the AstroBEAR Eulerian fluid dynamics code to solve a variety of astrophysical problems.

This site serves as a relatively informal summary and repository of my teaching and research interests and materials. Below, find a short About Me section in which I briefly discuss some extracurricular interests.

About Me

Graduate Activities

I helped found and serve as the webmaster and recently as the VP of Fellowship for the UR physics graduate student organization PASSAGE. I also founded the PASSAGE-sponsored book club, which meets monthly to discuss a science fiction or classic novel, and participate in the board game club. In addition, I've presented and served as a session moderator at the Graduate Student Research Meeting hosted annually by the physics department and participate in the biweekly astrophysics journal club.

Extracurricular Activities

As a jack-of-all-trades nerd, I indulge in a wide variety of activities outside of my graduate studies. I enjoy hiking and camping in the wilds of Upstate NY, performing on flute and piccolo in the University of Rochester Wind Symphony and occasionally on recorder at the Sterling Renaissance Festival (plus noodling on a variety of flute-like instruments: ocarina, shakuhachi, pan pipes, Native American flute), and running games of and theorycrafting characters for Pathfinder. At home, I read a wide selection of science fiction and fantasy and continually expand my library (currently at approximately 1500 novels), run my personal server, play video games (in particular RTSs, RPGs, and rhythm games), cook, and watch what is almost certainly too much TV (favorites including, in no particular order, The West Wing, Stargate, Star Trek [TNG of course being the best], Doctor Who, Eureka, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Psych). I'm constantly on the lookout for new projects to improve the efficiency or quality of my daily life.